A few stray things

I’ve been busy writing my novel, so I’ve not had a chance to form too many coherent thoughts about anything else. I have noodled around the web a little and found the following things of interest:

A brave and well-reasoned review of Dave Eggers’s Zeitoun by Jonathan Tel in Prospect.

Tablet does a podcast about Judith Shulevitz’s debut book about the Sabbath.

The Guardian Book Blog ponders this rant of a list of 40 bad books from little known American academics. It appeared in the American Book Review, a publication I hadn’t heard of until this list came out. Some of these people go nuts on Cormac McCarthy and one of them, a woman named Judith Kitchen from Pacific Lutheran University, takes Colum McCann to task for Let the Great World Spin.

Finally, my current woman crush, Kathryn Bigelow, explains how she came to make The Hurt Locker.