The Reichstag after the Battle for Berlin that ended World War II in Europe

I gave a reading last night at Cafe Hilde in Berlin. Jessa Crispin, founder of, hosted and asked questions, as did members of the audience. One of them was a young woman from Lahore, where my third novel, the one I’m writing right now is set. Another was Freie University Professor Manan Ahmed, who blogs at Chipati Mystery about South Asia. He’s from Lahore also.

Today I walked around Berlin, which has always been, for me, a place of ghosts. I have trouble here. I see the wreckage instead of the new orderliness that has transplanted it. The bombings that killed 80 at two Ahmadi mosques in Lahore yesterday were with me. I felt, as Manan did on his blog, that we are all Ahmadis. In Berlin it’s easy to remember that man’s inhumanity to man knows no national or religious boundary. It is everywhere with us, and has always been with us.