Berlin Synagogue Restoration

Berlin Synagogue

German plaque describing its fate on Kristallnacht

Berlin Synagogue exterior

Dedicated in 1866, its facade has Moorish qualities.

Berlin Synagogue facade

You can see the writing in Hebrew

Berlin Synagogue detail of door

Detail of one of the doors

Berlin Synagogue Timeline

A timeline of the synagogue

Berlin Synagogue Before and After

How the synagogue looked during reconstruction (top) and after Allied bombing destroyed its dome (below)

Berlin Synagogue hand washing fragments

These are the fragments of the basin where hands were washed before touching the Torah

Berlin Synagogue Torah

The Torah, and behind it a photograph of the synagogue in its glory.

Berlin Synagogue no longer exists

Here is what the photograph depicts looks like today. You can see the back of the synagogue in black far back across the empty courtyard.

Berlin Synagogue Pulpit pieces

These are the piece of the pulpit they found in the rubble

Berlin Synagogue Window

One of the windows, with some of its fragments restored, others are missing.