Iranian Nuclear Scientist Defects

ABC News reported today that Shahram Amiri, a nuclear scientist in his early 30s, disappeared in Saudi Arabia last June and today, he defected to the United States. This is somewhat similar to a plot line in The Room and the Chair. In the novel, an Iranian nuclear scientist stages his own death at at nuclear facility. He is assisted by an Iranian resistance group. The group stages a fake funeral in Tehran. In the meantime, the scientist is spirited away to Dubai. He hides out in a hotel there with two nurse’s aides while he recovers from the after effects of the drugs he took to slow his heart rate so that he appeared dead. But he wants to call his wife, something his minders have been instructed to not let him do. He escapes from the Dubai hotel room to call his wife, and the adventure that befalls him leads to his having to return to Iran.

David Mills, who collaborated with David Simon on Homicide, The Wire and the upcoming (premiers April 11) Treme set in New Orleans, died of a brain aneurysm Tuesday. Mills and Simon were college newspaper friends, working for 30 years together. I feel awful for Mills’ family and for Simon. A tragic loss.