Other Fellows: Visual Arts

I wanted to showcase some of the New York visual artists who won Guggenheims this year. One of them is ETEAM, which is Hajoe Moderegger and Franziska Lamprecht of Sunnyside, Queens. They do fantastic installations and are represented by a gallery in Cologne, Germany. Here’s one of their objects, an airplane necklace called “Air International,” (2006) and a collage called “Whiteness” (2005) Their website is greater than great.


Another visual artist is Lothar Osterburg, who is a master at photogravure and lives in Brooklyn. Osterburg builds from memory tiny models with stray items he finds in dumpsters or on the street. He then photographs them through a magnifying glass. The result is a velvety haze of an image that is nonetheless achingly precise. These two images, which I salvaged off his gorgeous website, are “Bridge Over Brooklyn” (2007) and “Gate to Brooklyn” (2007)

Charlotte Schulz lives in Beacon, NY and teaches at Parsons School of Design at the New School here in Manhattan. Her work, as she says in a statement on her web site, originates in reading. Using a fragment that affects her, she then builds a series of images on charcoal and paper.  One work that I admired is a work from 2008-2009 entitled “The Uneven Intensities of Duration: during unusual states of expansion and contraction the force of an event bends our space”